"The task ahead of you…

…is never greater than the strength within you." Scott Bassett, challenged athlete

I found that one yesterday at the gym while perusing a magazine while on the bike. The magazine is Competitor (or maybe Competition; now I can't remember!), and is geared to runners, walkers, bikers, and triathletes, and this particular issue included an extensive discussion of challenged athletes. This isn't the first copy of this magazine I've scanned while biking, and I always think of Terri and Melissa (and Terri's Kahuna) when I'm looking at it. And am thinking of getting myself back on the treadmill (I can't believe how I've neglected that since joining the Y!) and training and preparing to join them some time in one of their walks.

It's Day 27 on the journey from Bag End to Rivendell, the 14th day from Weathertop. Within the next few miles we'll be confronting the Nazgul. And since Aragorn has always been one of my favorite characters in The Trilogy, I think I'll join him when the Fellowship leaves Rivendell.


Anonymous said...

The magazine is Competitor and they have a website :)


It's given out free at all of the events around here.


Melissa said...

GREAT quote! I'll have to add that to my motivations tab. :)