Hectic Week

And a stressful one at work. I don't think one night has gone entirely smoothly. Yuck.
Monday the 8th was weight-circuit day, so only 2.31 miles on the elliptical, at level 2 for 30+5 minutes, and then the weight machines.
Elliptical: Level 2 for 30+5 minutes; 2.07 miles.
Treadmill: Incline 2, Speed 2.4 mph; 1.40 miles.
Elliptical: Level 2 for 30+5 minutes; 2.10 miles
Weight-training circuit.
Elliptical: Level 2 for 25 minutes and Level 5 for 5 minutes, plus 5-minute cooldown; 2.14 miles.
Bike: Level 7 for 30+5 minutes.
It was a really lazy day Thursday. I think the stressful week is catching up with me, because I just couldn't get any decent speed going on the elliptical. Plus there was some lower-back tension/stiffness, which is why I opted to go for a bike ride instead of a walk. I've also been sleeping half an hour later each morning than I normally do, which means I'm getting out of the house a bit later, and that's cutting into my workout time and the reason I haven't done any biking or walking on weight-training days so far this week. It was the inability to get up to and maintain a decent speed on the elliptical this morning that made me punish myself with the higher level for that last 5 minutes before cooldown.
Total mileage on the Road to Lothlorien (from Bag End): 483.87.

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