Closing in on Rivendell

Good day today, though I felt a bit slow on the elliptical. But that may be variations in individual machines, since my mileage was about average for this week, and the slowness may actually have been in my head. I then went for 40 minutes on the bike, and decided I could spare 5 more minutes and spent that time on the treadmill. Based on past performance, I should make Rivendell Friday, even though it's a weight-machine day (I've never figured out how to convert my weight-machine time to mileage). I also figure I need better walking shoes. The problem there is deciding which shoe type is best for what I'm doing right now: walking, running (don't actually plan on doing much of that any time soon, but who knows?), or cross-trainer. Now where do I go to buy a good jock bra? I also keep eyeing the bike trails along the rivers and flood-control channels as I'm driving from the Y to work. Is there a bike in my future?

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