No Cardio Today

For some reason, I just wasn't in the mood for it. So I just did as many of the Cybex machines as I could, which was most of them, including 3 I'd never used before--at least not in the current form. It's a good tired.


Took the Weekend Off

But I've made sure both Monday and Tuesday to stop at the gym on the way home. I'm also working my way around the Cybex machines. Some of them are much-newer versions of the machines we had at the Y; some are newer versions of the machines at 24-Hour Fitness. And some are completely alien to me, but work the same muscle groups as a couple of the machines at the Y. Weird. And, of course, I have to completely re-learn how to set each one up. I've also finally remembered which option I like for the elliptical. Still poking along with just 10 minutes plus the 3-minute cool down--such a long way from the hour I used to do pretty easily! Baby steps. It'll all come back.


Boy, Do I Feel Dumb!

Gee, it's amazing how well a Fitbit Zip will work when you take the little protective sticker off the new battery.

Thanks, Fitbit, for the Help-page reminder to take the battery out, wait a few seconds, make sure it's + side up, and put it back together.


Make it a Triple!

I am still not in the habit of moving over a couple of lanes once I'm past the 710 on my way home, so I missed the exit today. I didn't want to backtrack, especially on a Friday afternoon, so I went to the Buena Park club for my workout. Still a piddling 10 minutes + 3 minute cool down on the elliptical, but I used 4 of the Cybex machines today.


Two Consecutive Days!

Another 13 minutes (10 + 3 min cool down) on the elliptical, then 3 of the Cybex machines.


Made It!

Made it to the gym today on the way home from work. A whopping 0.65 mile on the elliptical (13 minutes including the cool-down period). Plus I hit a couple of the upper body machines that I recognized and could figure out how to work them. I really do need to meet up with a trainer to go over the various machines and learn how to set them.


Just Like Starting Over

I transferred my gym membership from 24-Hour Fitness to Planet Fitness. No pool, but I wasn't using the pool anyway! Did that yesterday afternoon online...well, the signing up for Planet Fitness was done online; when I went to the "cancel" page on the 24-Hour Fitness website, I had to call!

So today I stopped on the way home. It really is more convenient, since PF is in a center that's right against the freeway, with easy off/easy on options, as well as easy to take the streets home. I opted for the more expensive choice, since that gives me access to all the PF facilities. Even so, it's $15 per month less than the other club.

Since I've lost track of where I was on the Walk to Rivendell, I'll just start over. And so today's (exhausting) 10 minutes on the elliptical has me traveling a whopping .52 mile! I don't think that even gets me out of Hobbiton! Baby steps; I really am starting over, and horribly out of shape. I used to be able to spend an hour on the elliptical.

I need to spend some time with a trainer to learn their machines. My first chance for that at my home club will be next Tuesday, so maybe I'll cruise by the local facility and see what their options are.

And I still managed to spend about 30 minutes out in the yard, pulling weeds.



Over two years since my last post. I need to resume reporting to myself here.


Mapped My Ride...

...today and compared it against the bike computer.

Map My Ride: 20.28
Bike Computer: 20.13


Endeavour's Homecoming

I drove to the Norwalk Green Line Metro station, unloaded the Black Pearl, and took the Green Line, with the Black Pearl to the Mariposa station, which is the first stop after the LAX shuttle/Aviation Blvd stop (and the stop right on top of the Kings' practice rink). I chose to ride up Mariposa rather than Imperial Hwy because I thought a paralleling side street would be a better option.

Mariposa can be quite hilly!

Immense gratitude to the City of El Segundo and their police and fire departments and parks and recreation department!!

First pass inbound across LAX.

Also the first pass.
Second pass across LAX, headed out to sea before coming around for landing.
Last pass, again.
And again.
And again.
Taxiing off the runway and headed to the Boeing hangar.
Headed to the Boeing hangar.
Making the turn in front of the Boeing hangar.
I have more in video, but the videos need to be converted from QuickTime.
Let's try a little YouTubery for the post-landing rollout.


There and Back Again

Or something along those lines. My total mileage since I began tracking it is now 11,131.697. Yes, I'm tracking to the third decimal: it's what the treadmill does.


Expo Line

I got a really early start this morning because I wanted to ride the Black Pearl to the Metro station, and ended up riding around and didn't get on the Green Line until the first stop, Lakewood Blvd, instead of the terminus in Norwalk. Green Line to Blue Line to Light Blue Expo Line. I actually went ahead and took the Metro all the way to the 7th St station (northern terminus), then doubled back on the Expo Line. The two lines share a track from the 7th St Metro station downtown to the Pico (Staples Center) stop, then the Expo Line heads down Flower until it reaches Exposition Blvd, where it heads west to Culver City. I only rode as far as Exposition Park this time.

Got off the Metro and walked across the street to the Park, where I learned they don't like bicycles in the rose garden. :-Þ~~~ Walked the bike back out to the perimeter sidewalk and headed east to Figueroa and rode down to the parking lot entrance on the south side of the museums. I stopped to take a photo of the A-12 Blackbird on display, then continued westerly past the Science Center and the north wall of the Colisseum. Up the western perimeter sidewalk and east along the south face of the Natural History Museum to a construction site, then around to the east, and far prettier, face of the Natural History Museum. A little more riding around the perimeter of the rose garden, a brief conversation with a staff member, then back to the Metro. This time I just rode the train back to the Staples stop to pick up the southbound Blue Line to the Green Line, and then the Green Line all the way to the eastern terminus.

And back home again.

The Black Pearl at the north gate of Exposition Park:
An interesting building or two at some college or other across the street from Exposition Park:
 The fountain in the middle of the rose garden, from the north:
The LA Memorial Colisseum, from the Figueroa entry:

I hate lawns. They're a awful waste of land, water, and labor. I'm sure they could find something more practical to plant here.
The A-12 Blackbird:

The ugly south facade of the Natural History Museum and a bit of the construction site I mentioned:
The Black Pearl at the western edge of the Rose Garden:
Then turn around and walk the Black Pearl across the sidewalk to the far more beautiful eastern facade of the Natural History Museum:
Then turn again to face the south:
and Endeavour's "temporary" home. They'll house her here for about eight years while the old aviation museum building is torn down and a new one built. I don't envy them getting her into this spot, and can't imagine how many cranes it'll take to get her there without tearing out all the trees on the south lawn (the lawn you can see a part of in the pic of the south face of the NHM).
The only rose I photographed, because it was so close to the perimeter walks (in this case, the ramp you can see behind the Black Pearl in the photo of the rose garden from the east facade of NHM).
The north face of the Science Center building:
It's the building in the background behind the fountain.
From the Metro train, a view of the Watts Line of the Pacific Electric:
There really is a railroad right-of-way behind the two walkers on the platform. This right-of-way eventually ended up in downtown Santa Ana. Only one segment, in Bellflower, is currently a Multi-Use Path.
La Mirada historical marker:
A flower of a type I've never seen before:
This was in Norwalk on the Foster Greenway MUP, and actually on the outbound leg of the trip today, not on the homeward leg.


CicLAvia 120415

Today was CicLAvia, a closed-streets ride through parts of downtown Los Angeles. I actually drove to the Metro Green Line station in Norwalk, rather than riding, and I'm glad I did. The hills weren't that high, but they were long! I transferred to the Blue Line for the ride to the Washington Blvd station, and rode the three blocks or so to the Central Av hub.
 My first stop was the African American Firefighters Museum, one of two all-Black fire stations in LA. It's beautifully restored and obviously lovingly maintained.
 An old fire wagon.
 One of the two poles from the living quarters to the truck bay.
 Another shot of the fire wagon.
 The front.
A bad shot of Steamship Coca-Cola, a Streamline Moderne bottling plant that's been there since the first time Streamline Moderne was popular.
 Old sign.
 One of the oldest buildings downtown.
 This building was once home to the Pacific Electric.
 City Hall.
 The LA River, looking seaward from the 4th St bridge.
 I rode right past it the first time, and finally found someone who knew where to look. The little red thing on the street sign is the Rising Sun flag (I've actually seen a rosy-fingered dawn like that which the Japanese flag was based on!).

The Challenger Memorial in Little Tokyo, with the Black Pearl in front and City Hall behind.
 It's hard to see in this shot, but this is just one of the many old buildings in LA with interesting facades.
 MacArthur Park.
 Another interesting building in LA.
 A Korean Presbyterian synagogue. No, really! The Jewish congregation which built this outgrew it, built another sanctuary, and sold this one to a Korean Presbyterian congregation. I didn't get any good shots of the facade, but there are quite a few distinctly Jewish elements still there. One example is the 10 Commandments tablet, the light-colored element above the blue Korean sign.
End of the ride. This is the Black Pearl at Steamship Coca-Cola. This is the opposite end of the building from where I started my ride.


Happy Valentine's Day!

On Sunday, I rode The Black Pearl from Maxwell Park in Anaheim to the Norwalk Green Line Metro station. Took the Green Line to the Blue Line to the Red Line to the North Hollywood station (where the Red Line ends). Rode the Black Pearl on the Chandler Blvd bike trail to Buena Vista St (about a mile farther than I should have gone!) and then up to Empire St and back to Hollywood Way, to the Marriott across from Burbank airport. All to have David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser autograph two of my Starsky and Hutch DVD sets. And to see, up close, one of the two cars which played the role of Starsky's Torino. Took a picture of The Black Pearl and the car as soon as I arrived, and immediately posted to Facebook. Took some pictures with my camera. Paid the fee, went inside, found the table where DS and PMG (and also Antonio Fargas, who played Huggy Bear, but I didn't get to see him because he was on lunch break), had them sign the DVD boxes (DS on the Season Three box and PMG on the Season 4 box), bought PMG's book Chrystallia, went outside and took some more pictures of the car, with and without the bike. They even had the jacket Hutch wore and the sweater Starsky wore in the pilot (and other episodes).

Headed back down Hollywood Way to the Chandler Bike Trail to the Metro Station. Took the Red Line back downtown, and got on the Blue Line. We got as far as Florence Ave, where we had to stop because there was an accident farther down the line. So I took The Black Pearl for another ride, east on Florence to Alameda, then down Alameda to Imperial Hwy, and east to Long Beach Blvd, where I could get on the Green Line again.

Somewhere along Alameda (or maybe Long Beach Blvd), I hit a nasty bump, heard a metallic crash, but kept on riding, thinking I'd probably hit something metallic, since there are a lot of junkyards along both of those streets. Didn't stop.

It was my camera.

Lost the pictures I took in Santa Ana last weekend at a Queen Anne Victorian that was home (and office) to one of the first women doctors in Orange County. And all the pictures I took Sunday. I'm bummed.


Endings and Beginnings

My last bike ride of 2011 was last Monday. I'm headed out soon for the first ride of 2012.


January 2011

33.704 walking miles. 6.18 elliptical miles. 38.64 cycling miles. 78.524 total miles.

On the latest journey through Middle Earth: 88 miles past Rivendell on the road to Lothlorien.


100 Days Challenge, Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3: 170 minutes, 7.18 miles
Week 4: 200 minutes, 8.151 miles

The first 28 days: 860 minutes (20 minutes' surplus), 38.38 miles of walking/trotting and elliptical.


100 Days Challenge, Week 2

Second seven days: 4 days walking on the treadmill, 6.696 miles, 160 minutes; 2 days using the elliptical at the gym, 6.18 miles, 90 minutes; one rest day. 250 minutes of intentional movement.


100 Days Challenge, Week 1

First 7 days: 10.173 miles walking on the treadmill, 240 minutes.


It's Been A While

I've really been lackadaisical about posting to either of my blogs since becoming so involved in Facebook--and I'm not even playing any games there! I'm planning, this year, to be more consistent about posting to my blogs. I do know that some time during 2010 I managed to complete the mileage for The Hobbit. The source material for the distances does not include the estimated mileage for Bilbo's return to The Shire, so I just did it as an "out and back" with the same distance for the "back" as for the "out."

When I was looking over my 2010 mileage, before I realized how far I'd gone, I decided to repeat the LOTR mileage, but this time selecting a path from Rauros and following that one through to the end, and returning to The Shire without regard for which group I was with when I left Rauros. Then I'll start over again from The Shire and join a different group at Rauros, and on and on until I've done the whole trip with all the groups. This differs from my original journey in that the first time, I accompanied a group from Rauros as far as Minas Tirith, where I teleported myself back to Rauros to join another group, until I'd traveled to Minas Tirith with all of them, and then returned to The Shire. I'm starting 2011 somewhere between Rivendell and Lothlorien, on the first of the new LOTR journeys.

I've also joined the 100-Day Challenge, wherein you commit to 30 minutes daily of intentional movement. My very dear friend
Melissa turned me on to this one, and she and I talked about the nature of the challenge and how to deal with rest days in a challenge like this. She's decided, and I agree, that committing to 210 minutes per week is the best way to go. That averages to 30 minutes per day and leaves room for rest days.

My mileages for 2010 are pretty pathetic:
Walking (mostly treadmill, but also what turned out to be the last Surf City 5K): 121.32
Ellipticals at the gym: 29.3
Cycling (all outdoors in 2010): 1720.13
Total: 1870.562
Trips to the gym generally included the strength-training circuit.


I'm Still Here

Just not being very conscientious about blogging.


Hate to Do This...

…but I've been getting spam comments to this blog, so I've reset the comments options to include word verification.


There And Back Again

It's been a month since my last post here, and even longer since my last Rivendell update. Well, I've not only returned to Bag End, I've gone to the Grey Havens to see Gandalf, Bilbo, and Frodo off with the elves and gone back to Bag End with Sam! And am now on my way to the Lonely Mountain with Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves. And have gone over 7,000 miles!! Total miles so far: 7042.573. A combination of walking, riding both stationary and outdoor bicycles, and ellipticals. A YMCA membership that I used in 3 different Y facilities (my home Y was Lakewood, but I also used Van Nuys and Fullerton), a hotel fitness room, a cruise-ship fitness room, and my home 24-hour Fitness. Plus a couple of home treadmills and some charity events both walking and riding.


Quite the Difference

The Y is a quiet place, with no music being broadcast into all the rooms, whereas 24-Hour Fitness blasts the staff and customers with an obnoxiously loud sound system.

There are also 3 different kinds of ellipticals there, one of which is lower-body only, while one of the combined upper and lower machines could best be described as the bastard offspring of an elliptical and a stair-stepper. On the more traditional machine, the rise is higher and the stroke shorter than the LifeFitness machines at the Y, so these are going to take some adjustment. I'm also seriously missing the fans that help keep the cardio rooms cooled down at the Y.

Ever since I got the bike(s), I don't spend much time on stationary bikes, but they do have both the upright and recumbant styles

Four TVs in the section of the cardio area where the ellipticals and bikes are located, one on some morning talk show, one on ESPN, one on Faux News, and one on some game show; I didn't pay any attention to what the TVs in the other section (treadmills and traditional stair-steppers) were showing. The TVs gave me something to look at besides the panel on the machines while I was listening to my music.