Catching Up

Friday, the last day of a long, stressful week, was weight-circuit day, so the mileage was only from the elliptical: Level 2, 30+5 minutes, 2.31 miles.
Saturday was my day of rest and consisted primarily of sitting and stitching and walking around my favorite needlework shop spending money. Melissa and I opted to walk to the restaurant where we had lunch, so each of us gave ourselves 0.25 mile of walking credit for the day.
Sunday is the day I usually overwork myself at the gym, since it's pretty much the only open-ended day I have for working out, limited only by what time I get there and the 6pm closing time.
Elliptical: Level 2 for 30+5 minutes, 2.39 miles
Stationary Bike: Level 7 for 45+5 minutes, 10.70 miles
Treadmill: Incline 2.0, Speed 2.5-2.6mph, for 35 minutes, 1.50 miles
Total mileage for the day: 14.59
Mileage on the Road to Lothlorien: 501.02

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