Sunday Roundup

Catching up:
Friday: Had a bunch of errands to run before work so I skipped the gym, thinking maybe I could squeeze in a visit on Saturday. Ha.
Saturday: The best-laid plans… Spent the day having my van worked on, and they still aren’t finished, so I’ll be taking it back next Saturday.
Elliptical: L2 for 25 minutes, L3 for 5 minutes, + 5-minute cooldown (L1); 2.57 miles.
Stationary Bike: L7 for 40 minutes, L8 for 5 minutes, + 5-minute cooldown (L2); 9.91 miles.
Also decided to spend some time in the pool, so I changed into my suit, stuffed my hair into swim cap, doused myself in the shower, then went into the pool. For about 5 minutes. I'm sure it’s all—or at least mostly—in my head, but I felt the water was pressing in on my chest and my breathing was nowhere near smooth and relaxed. Kinda hard to swim when you’re feeling like that. And it’s literally been a couple of decades since I was last in a pool. Baby steps. Climbed out and parboiled myself for about 10 minutes or so in the spa.
Current mileage on the road to Lothlorien: 525.95.

One of the stops I made on Friday was a bike shop. Much as I’d love to have a Trek bike, they’re just a bit out of my price range right now. So I'll be looking closer at the offerings at WallyWorld and KMart. WallyWorld carries Schwinn and Roadmaster. I like the looks of the Schwinn Avalon, but the women’s version comes in a purple that tends toward the red range, though not closely enough to be a true red-violet. That is just so not my color! The clerk said the men’s version is green and pointed to another bike and said, “Like that,” which turned out to be about DMC 699 or 700, or perhaps 910ish, but I don’t think it was that blue a green. I could live with that. But I’ll keep looking. I was so intent on the Avalon model that I didn’t really pay much attention to the Roadmaster bikes. I also need to see what KMart carries. And maybe Sears, Target, and Jacques PennĂ©. I can’t see spending the bigger bucks for the Trek bikes if I don’t know how much time I’ll actually be riding. At this point, it’s certainly not going to be more than two days a week—Saturday and Sunday—if that.

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