Week 6, Day 2

Technically, I suppose, I should have posted the weekly update yesterday, but my friends and I were busy celebrating the Angels winning their division. I sacrificed most of the game because I went to the gym, but caught the important parts. I went into the gym knowing they had a 3-0 lead and came out (what was up with ESPN Sunday, anyway? not even a scroll on the bottom of the screen!) to a 5-2 lead. Got home in time to actually watch the last 9 outs. And the clubhouse celebration.

Today I got out of the house a bit late so I only had 15 minutes to spare for the bike after the 30 on the elliptical and then the weight machines before I had to leave for work. I've now gone 377.27 miles and am 80 and a fraction from Rivendell. With still no clue which path I'll follow from there.

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Melissa said...

You're doing great, Darla!! See you on Saturday. :-)