Saturday Update

It's the second day from Weathertop now, and 270.74 miles from Bag End in Hobbitton. More than halfway to Rivendell.

Got to the Y early enough today to do 30 minutes on the elliptical before meeting with Terry. We talked about my progress—how would I evaluate my 3 weeks so far? And I have to say it's been completely successful, with me more than meeting the 3-times-per-week recommendation. We also discussed my work on the various weight machines and how those were going. I am going to up the weight on the lower-body machines by 5 pounds, and we set weights and routines (3 sets of 10 reps, just like the others) for 4 other machines. Or maybe it was five; I forget! Then I did another 35 minutes on the recumbent-style bike (the other kind, of which there are only two in that section, wasn't available). Saturday is supposed to be my resting day, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make up for the 3 days of rest last weekend.

The other night while I was perusing the latest catalog from Daedalus Books, I came across a book called Goal Sisters, by Ann Leach and Michelle Beaulieu Pillen. "What woman has ever achieved a goal, made a change, or survived a transition without the support of her friends?" I Googled the title and am sorely tempted to order the book.

But what are my goals? Beyond the honestly rather vague long-term goal of "better health," what am I hoping to achieve? Do I have any short-term goals? What are they? What are my rewards to myself for achieving those short-term goals? I'm still pondering the answers to those questions.

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