The Best-Laid Plans

Overslept on Friday just a bit and then ran into traffic problems on the way to Van Nuys, so I skipped the Y on Friday. I'd promised some of the people that I'd be there by a certain time so we could go visit the LA County Coroner's gift shop, Skeletons in the Closet, which turned out to be a very popular destination. Saturday was studio-tour day and with a knee that was making "I'm being abused" noises (or maybe not making noises, since it felt like it needed to pop, but wouldn't), I didn't want to risk injury on Saturday. And then, of course, FanFest hours coincided with the Y's operating hours for Sundays, so today was the first day back to the gym since Thursday. So weight training got bumped to this morning from the usual Sunday. And I did some extra time on the bike after the initial cardio on the elliptical and then the weight machines. Again, I used a different setting that was more cardio than fat-burn. And I'll keep doing penance this week to make up for my slacking last week. But I had a really good time at FanFest!

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