I reached Weathertop today! I've also made the appointment to meet with Terry, the trainer, on Saturday. And, ugh, I also made the mistake of getting on the scale at the Y today. Since I don't know what my starting weight was, it's pretty meaningless in terms of "what have I accomplished," but I also know that I'm building muscle right now more than I'm burning fat. So I'll stay away from that thing for at least another month. Or maybe longer.

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Melissa said...

Hang in there, Darla! The number on the scale is just that ... a number on a scale. There are so many more ways to measure one's progress other than that stupid metal monster. Better ways, IMO, to measure success is how you're feeling, how your clothes are fitting, your energy levels, body measurements, etc.

Over the years of trying to lose weight, I've decided the scale is nothing but a big fat (pardon the pun) liar. LOL I try not to let the number on the scale at Weight Watchers each week define how I'm feeling about myself and whether or not I've had a good week. Instead, I try to remember to base my success on whether I've eaten healthy meals, consumed plenty of water, and moved my ass around several times.

Some weeks it's easier than others to remember that. There are times I've been perfect little Suzy Weight Watcher and ended up with a gain. This is why I have deduced that the scale is a liar. :-P