This came from Terri, who found it in Duane's blog and is a comment to him from Kim:
“Lose weight (you are not losing anything… you are GAINING health and fitness) - Diet (has negative connotations, you are fueling), working out (it is not work it is fun and you ARE an athlete so you TRAIN), you are not fat (you are an Olympic caliber athlete whose body is surrounded by a foreign mass that is keeping you from being in optimal health - it is NOT YOU).”
And, like Terri, I think it rocks. Tomorrow breaks the 3-day long fast from my workouts, and I honestly can't wait to get moving again. I've missed it and am feeling just a bit incomplete at the moment.


Terri said...

Isn't it wonderful! I'm putting together some inspirational thoughts to read every morning and these positive "words" are at the top of the list.

Melissa said...

Wow, that's awesome, Darla! I'm still not to the point where I really "miss" activity if I go a few days without getting in some workout time. That's a major accomplishment! :-D