Another Mantra

“Ambition is the path to success but persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” Found this one in a blog in Melissa's FitRoll.

On Sunday the cable on the Leg Extension machine snapped (and three of us stopped what we were doing and scrambled around the corner to check on the fellow who was using the machine when the cable broke) and it’s still awaiting a new cable. And I arrived at the Y too late today to utilize the other room of equipment. So today’s weight-machine routines lacked the Leg Extension machine. I dropped the weight on the Abdominals machine: it was taking too much effort to operate the machine, and getting hurt isn’t in my plan. So that one’s down from 50 pounds to 30. Better to start again a bit lower and work my way up. For some reason, I was really tired (physically) today, so I was a bit poky on the elliptical. And a little slower on the bike, too, I thought, but my bike mileage for today is the same as yesterday’s.

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