Current Mileage

…is 360.91, and it's 97.09 miles to Rivendell. I now have 14 shields on the "Walk to Rivendell" site. Tomorrow's my day off from exercise and I fully intend to relax as completely as possible! 30 minutes on the elliptical, then the weight-training routines (and the Leg Press is finally back in service!), then 30 minutes on the bike today. My right leg/knee is still a bit stiff/tight, but it loosens up quite nicely after a warmup.

The new NHL catalog came today, and I looked through it thinking of rewards. Can you say "Ovechkin jersey"? Yeah, I thought you could!

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Terri said...

OOOo! I didn't think about jersey's as rewards! I love to sleep in jerseys. Hmmmmm, must add to my list!