Week 4, Day 1

Today I started the new weight-machine routine. The last three weeks have consisted of Leg Extension (20 lbs), Leg Curl (20 lbs), Hip Adduction (60 lbs), Hip Abduction (50 lbs), Tricep Extension (25 lbs), and Arm Curl (20 lbs). Today I added 5 pounds to each of the lower-body machines, and started on 5 more machines: Leg Press (50 lbs), Chest Press (15 lbs), Back Extension (50 lbs), Abdominals (50 lbs), and Rotary Twist (50 lbs). Each of these is 3 sets of 10 reps, with the Rotary Twist consisting of 3 sets in each direction. The usual 30 minutes on the elliptical to start with, and because I didn't have to be anywhere after the elliptical and the weight machines, I then spent 35 minutes on one of the bikes.

One reward: an authentic Angels jersey, numbered 11 and named Fregosi. The goal: When I get down to a 2X that'll fit over my hips.

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Melissa said...

Great reward idea, Darla! I was at the Angels game tonight and went into the store and was looking at them, too. I'm sure one will find it's way onto my reward list, too. :-)