My Butt Aches

The so-far typical 10 minutes (plus 3 minutes cool-down) on the elliptical, then 10 minutes (again, plus 3 cool-down) on the taller stationary bike, both with the heart rate between fat-burn and cardio, then on the shorter (recumbent?) bike, I set it for "fat burn" mode for 15 minutes (plus 3 minutes cool-down). Over 9 miles closer to Rivendell, and now nearly a quarter of the way!

Tomorrow's Friday, so it's just the morning treadmill walk, but I did get up to .75 mile on this morning's walk. Also, some time tomorrow I'll need to call the Y to confirm the appointment with Terri for Saturday morning.

Oh yeah: HP1 is finally on its way to me. Some time next week I'll begin listening to that during my workouts.

I've also just checked the Shield Maidens site (but can't get logged in; they must be having server issues again), and I've left Tom Bombadil's and am entering the Barrow-Downs. I'm guessing that some time next week I'll be in Bree and will finally meet up with one of my all-time favorite characters: Aragorn.

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