Meeting the Trainer

Yesterday I met with the trainer, Terry, and we discussed my goals and my barriers (to achieving those goals), and then established the beginning routines (weights, reps, and sets) on 4 lower-body and 2 upper-body machines. Didn't get started yesterday, but did learn that the Y is open on Sundays for a few hours. I'm planning to head over there later today. They don't open until 1pm on Sundays, so there's no point in leaving much before then. I don't really want to do the grocery shopping before then, as I'd have to leave the groceries in the van while I'm in the gym. I'm just not sure how much distance those machines are worth and how much distance credit I should give myself toward Rivendell for using those machines. Anyway, this 12-week program is pretty much a self-guided program. Terry and I will meet again in 3 weeks to evaluate my progress and to make whatever adjustments are necessary in my routine.

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