Midgewater Marshes

I'm traversing the Midgewater Marshes now, and am reaching the point where the company can see flashes of light on Weathertop.
Didn't get to stop at the gym tonight on the way home as things were pretty crazy at work for way too long. Up to 25 minutes on the elliptical now, with speed increasing daily. And the mileage really racks up when you put the bike on "Fat Burn" mode. I'm still not very good at keeping my heart rate down at the FB mode, still tending toward somewhere between "Fat Burn" and "Cardio." 35 minutes this morning in the "Fat Burn" mode cranked the daily mileage up past 14 after I added the elliptical mileage. But I still wish I'd been able to get out of the office a bit earlier.

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