Oh. My. God.

Another flat!!!! This one in the middle of El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach, during my morning ride. So I hoofed it nearly half a mile out of the park, hoofed it another half a mile or so to the nearest bus stop, rode a bus to Del Amo and Norwalk, changed to a Cerritos bus, and took that to Liberty Park in Cerritos, where I park my van for my morning rides. Drove to my LBS, where Steve was utterly astonished to learn about the flat—remember, this is new tire, new tube, new liner, and new Slime! So Radagast the Beige-and-Black is in the shop again. I didn't even stop at the Y on the way home, just came straight home to blog about the earthquake (you'll have to head over to the Gathering Place for that account) and the flat.

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Melissa said...

Eek! What the hell is going on with you and bike tires lately? Hopefully you have it out of your system now! ;-)