2008, Week Twenty-Eight

What a week this was!

Monday, July 7: with the treadmill dead, it was just a bike ride today, 10.81 miles.
Tuesday, July 8: rest day today, unless you want to count muscling the old treadmill out into the alley by the garage before work (and it was gone by the time I got home!) and muscling the new one into the house and assembling it and shoving it into position, and no ride because I went treadmill shopping on the way to work.
Wednesday, July 9: the distance goes to three decimal places on this thing! On the new treadmill, 1.071 miles; morning bike ride, 12.90 miles. I also finished the audio version of the second Harry Potter book this morning, so there was a mad rush to get the next one ready to load into the MP3 player I use for audiobooks, then uninstall HP2 and load HP3. And not all of HP3 fits, so once I get through a few chapters, I’ll have to uninstall some early chapters so that I can load the last couple or three of chapters. Ah, the disadvantages of buying the 1G MP3 player!
Thursday, July 10: home treadmill for 1.005 miles; morning bike ride for 15.14 miles.
Friday, July 11: home treadmill for 1.200 miles; morning bike ride for 15.10 miles.
Saturday, July 12: home treadmill for 1.601 miles; morning bike ride for 5.54 miles until the rear tire went flat, then pushing the bike for 0.77 miles from the river bed to a grocery store to get cash, then to Bus Stop A, then from Bus Stop B to Bus Stop C, then from Bus Stop D to my BFFs’ home. Left the bike in their garage while we four went to our regular Saturday breakfast, then they took me to where I’d parked the van near SART’s Rampart access. BFF-N rode shotgun on the way back to the house, where I loaded up the bike, and then I went on to Performance down in Fountain Valley, where I left the bike for tire repair while I hoofed it over to A Snail’s Pace to pick up a couple of packages of Body Glide. A new tube, a liner to add a layer of protection between the tube and the tire, and another bottle of Slime now have me ready for a ride tomorrow morning before class at the LNS. The bad news is I have another broken spoke! I also need to replace that tire. I opted for the liner instead of a new tire because that particular shop didn’t have a tire in the same size. No trip to the Y today.
Sunday, July 13: home treadmill for 2.002 miles; no bike ride before class at the LNS, and it's the class at the LNS which kept me from the Y today, so no weight training at all this week.

Total distance for the week: 67.139
Distance from Bag End: 2684.259
Distance to Isengard: 249.741

The new treadmill is, of course, fancier than the old one, with a magnetic “key” and digital displays of time, distance, speed, and calories walked off. There’s a lap counter, an oval track a quarter mile long, and also a heart-rate monitor that’s activated by a light thumbprint (don’t press too hard or you’ll cut off the circulation and get an inaccurate reading!). It’s also bigger—longer, a bit wider, and taller—than the old one, so I had to move a cabinet several inches over to make it fit into the old one’s space. I also have to push the stop button; just removing the key wipes the display and there doesn’t seem to be a way to retrieve the information. I still have to install the locking devices for the "stored" position, and don't have the locking pins for the incline device in place.

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