2008, Week Twenty-Nine

Happy Moon Day! Has it really been thirty-nine years since Armstrong and Aldrin stepped out of the lander onto another celestial body?

A pretty good week for once, I think.

Monday, July 14: home treadmill for 1.175 miles; morning bike ride for 14.06 miles.
Tuesday, July 15: home treadmill for 1.351 miles; morning bike ride for 115.15 miles; and—finally!!!—an after-work visit to the Y, for an upper-body workout. I also used the two hip (adduction and abduction) machines.
Wednesday, July 16: rest day today, mostly, though I did stop at the Y after work to spend nearly an hour on the elliptical, for 3.69 miles. Hey, it was nearly 24 hours; that’s a day of rest!
Thursday, July 17: home treadmill for 1.155 miles; morning bike ride for 15.14 miles; and another post-work Y visit for more upper-body strength training (and the two hip machines).
Friday, July 18: home treadmill for 1.252 miles; morning bike ride for 14.59 miles.
Saturday, July 19: home treadmill for 1.502 miles, but never did manage to get in a bike ride.
Sunday, July 20: home treadmill for 2.112 miles; bike ride for 25.33 miles; upper-body workout at the Y (plus the hip machines).

Total distance for the week: 96.507
Distance from Bag End: 2780.766
Distance to Isengard: 153.234


Melissa said...

D'oh! I just saw your response about calling anytime over the weekend. Oh well, maybe next weekend?

Darla said...

Saturday morning after the Cypress 5k? Or Sunday? Either one is fine with me.