2008 Week 27, June Recap, and 2008 The First Half

2008, Week Twenty-Seven
Monday, June 30: morning bike ride for 12.84 miles.
Tuesday, July 1: home treadmill for 1.01 miles; morning bike ride for 15.45 miles.
Wednesday, July 2: home treadmill for 0.46 mile (treadmill stopped and wouldn't start again); morning bike ride for 15.44 miles.
Thursday, July 3: home treadmill won’t start; morning bike ride for 15.12 miles.
Friday, July 4: morning bike ride for 18.48 miles; walking around 4th of July celebration venue for 0.5 mile.
Saturday, July 5: morning bike ride for 21.64 miles.
Sunday, July 6: morning bike ride for 23.79 miles; upper-body (and hip adduction and abduction machines) workout at Y.

Distance from Bag End: 2617.12
Arrived in Minas Tirith with Aragorn partway through Saturday’s ride and jumped back to Rauros to join Merry and Pippin.
Distance to Isengard with Merry and Pippin: 316.88
June Recap
Walk: 11.90 miles (May: 7.19) (even discounting the Downtown Anaheim 5K the mileage increased slightly)
Elliptical: 6.60 miles (May: 1.25)
Bike: 347.29 miles (May: 421.26) (the bike was out of service for 3 days in June)
Weight Training: 2 Upper-Body workouts (May: 1 UBWO)

Goal for July: increase all distances, increase the weight training.
First Half of 2008
Walk: 82.02 miles
Elliptical: 46.16 miles
Bikes: 1,533.23 miles (7.29 miles of that on stationary bikes)
Weight Training: 17+ times (I don't have a count for January)

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