2008, Week Eighteen and April Recap

A bit better this week, though I've been taking it easy. Upheaval at work continues, so stops at the Y will continue few and far between this month.
Monday, April 28: Nothing today.
Tuesday, April 29: A short ride before work for 2.42 miles.
Wednesday, April 30: A slightly longer ride before work, 3.9 miles.
Thursday, May 1: And a little longer ride today before work, 4.5 miles.
Friday, May 2: And longer again, 6.29 miles.
Saturday, May 3: Ended up not riding anywhere today.
Sunday, May 4: My longest ride in two weeks, 12.96 miles.

Total mileage for the week: 30.07
Distance from Bag End: 1748.84
Distance to Isengard: 44.16

April Recap:

Walk: 16.68 (March: 18.41 miles)
Elliptical: 3.08 (March: 2.63 miles)
Bike: 215.36 (total miles on stationary bikes: 0) (March: 257.20; February miles on stationary bikes 0)
Total: 235.12 (March: 278.24)
Cybex Circuit: 4 (March: 6)
Well, at least the elliptical mileage improved a little, even though everything else fell short. But then, upper respiratory infections tend to make it hard to work out, so I suppose I should cut myself a little slack.

May Goals will be to increase everything as my work schedule allows. At least I'm feeling well enough to ride and to resume walking, even if work doesn't let me visit the Y very often this month.

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Glad to hear you're feeling better!!

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