2008, Week Seventeen

Well, as I said earlier this week: I hate being sick. One ride, Monday, for 11.48 miles, and absolutely nothing else all week long. At least I'm feeling better now, and will start easing back in tomorrow. We'll be going through some upheaval at work over the next several weeks—the guy working the morning shift will be leaving soon, so the guy working the late shift (my old shift) will be working the morning shift with him, getting additional training/experience on those duties, while PC and I train the new guy who is starting Monday at noon. My after-work stops at the Y are probably going to take the biggest hit for a time. That means reduced opportunities for strength training and time on the ellipticals.

Mileage: 11.48
Distance from Bag End: 1718.77
Distance to Isengard: 74.23

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