2008, Week 20

Well, I never did make it onto the treadmill this week. What a deadbeat! And, of course, no gym time, what with training the new guy at work. But lots of bike time!
Monday, May 12: 14.14
Tuesday, May 13: 15.13
Wednesday, May 14: 14.01
Thursday, May 15: 16.44
Friday, May 16: 16.20
Saturday, May 17: turned into a rest day, what with the safety meeting at work, breakfast with the BFFs, and then the newest Narnia movie. And it's been unseasonably warm, or I might have taken a ride after the movie. And since I went 13 days between rest days, it's probably a good thing I chose to rest.
Sunday, May 18: 16.39. And would have ridden more, but it was All-Day Open Stitch Class at the LNS. We missed you, Melissa!!!!!!!

Total mileage for the week: 92.31
Distance from Bag End: 1935.59
Distance to Minas Tirith: 643.41

The goal for this week is to get in some treadmill time in addition to the bike time. Thankfully, it's supposed to cool down this week.

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