2008, Week Nineteen Recap

Bicycle only this week. No treadmill time, no gym time.
Monday, May 5: 10.57
Tuesday, May 6: 12.96
Wednesday, May 7: 15.39
Thursday, May 8: 15.07
Friday, May 9: 13.08
Saturday, May 10: 12.35
Sunday, May 11: 15.98
The good thing is that I'm leaving the house at pretty much the usual time, give or take a few minutes, but since I don't have to be at work until 11 (instead of 10) I'm taking advantage of the longer riding time available. The bad thing is that I know that the bike isn't enough, that I need to spend time on the elliptical, the treadmill, the sidewalks, and the strength-training circuit.

Total miles for the week: 95.40
Distance from Bag End: 1843.28
Distance to Minas Tirith: 735.72

I really need to get back on the treadmill, since the Downtown Anaheim 5K is only a month away!!

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