The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

…or, The May 2008 Recap.

The Good: 421.16 miles on the bike.
The Bad: Down only 3 pounds (and that's for the last two months, since I missed the May 1 weighin because I was sick!). Even so, I recently had a co-worker tell me she can see that there's less of me.
The Ugly: I did finally manage to get to the gym today, but mostly to kill time. But this time-killing visit meant the Ugly wasn't quite as ugly as I'd originally expected it to be, and that was zero trips to the gym! Since I was in Orange County and nearer the Fullerton Y than the Lakewood Y, I went there. This facility recently underwent (in fact, is still undergoing, since they're still working on the new gymnasium) a massive renovation, and it's just gorgeous! Looks like all new equipment, and I'm unfamiliar with the workings of the strength-training machines (these aren't built by Cybex—or at least, don't have the Cybex name showing anywhere on them), so my upper-body work wasn't my usual. And after a 31-mile bike ride, using the lower body equipment just seemed kinda redundant. I also spent a few minutes on two different kinds of ellipticals, and wouldn't mind the chance to become more familiar with both of them (and I'm allowed to use this Y up to three times per month). Didn't get a close look at the treadmills, but they look quite fancy, too.

Totals for the month:
Walking (outdoors and treadmill): 7.19 (April: 16.68)
Elliptical: 1.25 (April: 3.08)
Bike: 421.26 (no stationary bike time) (April: 215.36)
Strength Training: 1 day of upper body (April: 4 days of upper and lower body)

The biking distance rocks! But it's the schedule change at work which allows me more riding time in the morning. All the others suck out loud. But it's the schedule change at work which is keeping me from the Y. I sure will be glad when I can turn the new guy loose and get back to my old schedule, even though that will mean cutting back on the bike time. And there's just plain no excuse for the poor showing on the treadmill in May (except for the first week, when I was sick). I gotta get cracking on the treadmill, since the Downtown Anaheim 5K is less than two weeks away!

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