2008, Week Nine Review, February Recap

All in all, a far better showing this last week than in too long a time!
Monday, February 25: Home treadmill for 0.70 mile, morning bike ride for 7.61 miles, and the full Cybex circuit at the Y.
Tuesday, February 26: Home treadmill for 0.82 mile, morning bike ride for 9.25 miles, and the elliptical at the Y for 3.02 miles.
Wednesday, February 27: Home treadmill for 1.06 miles, morning bike ride for 11.23 miles, and the full Cybex circuit at the Y.
Thursday, February 28: Home treadmill for 0.90 mile, morning bike ride for 8.35 miles, and the elliptical at the Y for 3.21 miles.
Friday, February 29: Took the day off from the treadmill, but the morning bike ride was 8.12 miles. No Y because Fridays are always late nights at work.
Saturday, March 1: My first attempt to join a BikeForums.net group ride that failed in that I didn't get started early enough to meet the group at the At Rivers End Cafe in Seal Beach, but I did see them as I was heading south toward the cafe and they were on their return journey (some to the Rose Bowl, others to Encanto Park). But though I failed to meet the group, I did put 20.42 more miles on the bike.
Sunday, March 2: Lazy day today, since it was All-Day Open Stitch Class at the LNS, and I didn't plan on doing much. But since I arrived early, I pulled the bike out of the van and put in a couple more miles before class. I'll have to get that mileage later, since I didn't record it in my ride log and can't remember the exact distance right now. 2.52 miles.

Total mileage for the week: 75.20 (plus today's bike mileage). 77.72
Distance from Bag End: 1187.19 (plus, of course, today's bike mileage). 1189.71
Distance remaining to Rauros: 141.93 (less today's bike mileage). 139.41

February recap:
Walk: 11.92 miles
Elliptical: 11.64 miles
Bike: 186.17 (total miles on stationary bikes: 0)
Total: 209.73

March Goals: Increase all three distances. At least twice weekly on the Cybex circuit. Increase sets on Cybex circuit.

Events this month: The Tour de Sewer on the Ides of March. 30-mile bike ride.

After the bike ride on Saturday I took the bike over to Jax in Long Beach (the nearest cycle shop to where I was) and had another adjustment made to my saddle position, but of course the ride this morning wasn't enough to give the new setting a good test. Tomorrow's pre-work ride should give a fair test.

I've also joined the Shave Your 5K Challenge, so I'll be working to increase my walking speed before the Coaster Run next month.

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