2008, Week Eight Review

My, how time flies!
Monday, February 18: A morning bike ride for 6.32 miles, then an after-work stop at the Y to do the Cybex circuit.
Tuesday, February 19: The best day of the entire week. 0.83 mile on the home treadmill, morning bike ride for 5.14 miles, and then the evening stop at the Y for the elliptical for 2.43 miles.
Wednesday, February 20: Total slacker, in every respect. The morning rain kept me off the bike, but there's no excuse for blowing off everything else. Even though I forgot to put clean gym clothes in my van when I left for work.
Thursday, February 21: 7.22 miles on Radagast the Beige-and-Black. No gym time again!
Friday, February 22: More rain kept me off Radagast, but there just isn't any excuse for not stopping at the Y on the way to work. And since it's Friday, there's no stopping on the way home.
Saturday, February 23: Safety meeting at work, then traipse around the Queen Mary Dome (former home of the Spruce Goose) for several hours enjoying Star Trek: The Tour before it closes and moves away next weekend.
Sunday, February 24: I was headed for the gym when the rain stopped and the clouds broke. Still windy and cold, but I put 10.44 miles on the bike. I was going to ride from Liberty Park down the SGRT to El Dorado Regional Park, but the gate was locked, blocking the way into the Del Amo underpass, so I just cycled around Liberty Park.

I also bought a new saddle this week. Definitely a major improvement for the tail bone, but still a bit tough on the ischial tuberosities (the "sit bones"). And it's only three weeks to the Tour de Sewer!

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