2008, Weeks Eleven and Twelve

Exhausting week! I don’t know why, but I’ve been in sleep debt all week long. Just haven’t been able to get caught up. So everything has suffered—walking, riding, using the elliptical, doing the Cybex machine circuit. Last week I walked nearly every day and averaged more than 10 miles per day on the bike, but since Sunday I’ve just been pooped. Some stressful work days haven’t helped any, either. And all of those add up to why I never managed to get last week’s recap posted.

The Weekly Review (for the last two weeks):
Monday February 10: Didn’t do anything!
Tuesday February 11: Home treadmill for 1.04 miles; morning bike ride for 11.42 miles; and a full Cybex circuit at the Y on the way home from work.
Wednesday February 12: Whacked the snooze alarm a few too many times and left myself with just enough time for a walk of a puny 0.52 mile; morning bike ride for 10.91 miles; and a nicely productive time on the elliptical at the Y on the way home, for 2.63 miles.
Thursday February 13: Home treadmill for 1.27 miles; morning bike ride for 10.49; and the whole Cybex routine after work.
Friday February 14: Home treadmill for 1.30 miles, and the morning bike ride for 9.93 miles.
Saturday February 15: The 23rd annual Tour de Sewer in Bell Gardens. As I’ve posted before, I opted for the 30-mile version, which turned out to be only 28 miles. Still and all, that’s a fair piece o’ ridin’.
Sunday February 16: This was supposed to have been a rest day, but a couple of friends from NCIS fandom were out here for their studio tour and they called late Sunday morning, so the three of us spent the day doing things like visiting the UCLA bookstore (Mark Harmon is an alumnus, and Marion’s an even bigger MH fan than I am) and cruising Griffith Park while trying to find parking for the Observatory. So I’m giving myself 0.75 mile for the hiking we did on that mountain.

Monday February 17: So I tried to stretch the “day of rest” into today. No treadmill time, no bike ride, no elliptical. But I did get through most of the Cybex circuit at the Y. Lost out on a couple of the lower body machines because there was a medical emergency blocking access to those machines. And since it was getting close to closing time, I decided to save those until later.
Tuesday February 18: Finally hit the treadmill today, but only 1.04 miles, and got in a short bike ride, 6.53 miles.
Wednesday February 19: Took a vacation day to spend the day with Marion and Jo and ended up with a visit to the NCIS Production Offices at Sunset Gower in Hollywood. No morning home treadmill time, no bike ride, no Y visit. But a very late night and a long drive from Van Nuys to Anaheim. And a very good time was had by all.
Thursday February 20: Set the alarm clock for an hour later than normal and slept in after yesterday’s fun. Did take a short bike ride, only 6.53 miles.
Friday February 21: Once again set the alarm for an hour later than normal and skipped the morning walk. And a slightly longer bike ride: 8.40 miles. And once again there was a crew setting up to film something near one of the lakes at El Dorado Regional Park.
Saturday February 22: Had to work today, and ended up not even getting a morning bike ride after once again deliberately sleeping as last as possible.
Sunday February 23: Breakfast date with the BunnyRunner, and we really need to do that more often. And include Nancy from the LNS. I did start the morning with a stroll for a full hour on the home treadmill, for 2.10 miles, before heading over to the local IHOP for breakfast. Then after breakfast it was off to the Rampart St access to the Santa Ana River Trail and south to Huntington Beach on one of those days that are the reason we live here and put up with all the smog and the loonies. Rode all the way to PCH and met up with some BikeForum folks, then rode on up to the HB Pier, where I turned around and started back to SART and my parking space just south of Angel Stadium. Personal best distance of 32.55 miles. Which is also just a bit farther than a metric half century.

Mileage for the whole two weeks:
Distance from Bag End: 1424.04 miles.
Distance from Rauros: 115.04 miles.
Distance to Isengard: 368.96 miles.

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