2008, Week Ten Review

A pretty good week, although I spent less time at the gym than I would have preferred. And I feel pretty comfortable about the prospect of doing 30 miles on the bike next Saturday on the Tour de Sewer.
Monday, March 3: Home treadmill for 0.94 mile; then the morning bike ride for 8.35 miles, and a stop at the Y on the way home for the full Cybex circuit with increased sets and/or weights.
Tuesday, March 4: Home treadmill for 0.95 mile, and nothing else! I put off the bike ride so that I could check on my new (to me, anyway) laptop, which turned out not to be ready, and then crisis control kept me at work until too late to stop.
Wednesday, March 5: Home treadmill for 1.0 mile, morning bike ride for 10.5 miles, and another stop at the Y for the tougher Cybex circuit.
Thursday, March 6: Home treadmill for 1.2 miles, morning bike ride for 10.1 miles, and then staying late at work because the night guy called in sick.
Friday, March 7: Home treadmill for 1.1 miles, morning bike ride for 11.29 miles, and because it's my late night at work, no stop at the Y on the way home.
Saturday, March 8: Decided to skip the home treadmill because I was going for a long bike ride, which was on the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) and lasted for 23.6 miles.
Sunday, March 9: Blew off the treadmill again—and the gym!—for another SART ride, to the beach this time where I wasted a good hour BSing with some other bikeforum.net riders. If it hadn't been for the wind—the Santa Anas, which take their name from the fact that they come in off the desert through El CaƱon del Rio de Santa Ana, were blowing pretty hard, which made the ride toward the beach pretty easy for nearly the entire length (Santa Ana winds tailwind became onshore headwind about Mile 5 [Mile 1 is Pacific Coast Hwy]), but made it pretty grueling on the ride back to where I park near Angel Stadium. 28.07 miles.

All in all, this week definitely has me on track to increase my mileages on everything except the elliptical.

Total Miles for the Week: 97.10
Miles from Bag End: 1287.11
Miles from Rauros: 21.89

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