Tiny Disappointment

The "30-mile" Tour de Sewer was really only 28 miles. But I had a good time, didn't stress over not being fast. There were only a couple places where I didn't downshift soon enough and ended up walking the bike a short distance (60 feet or so one time and 20 feet or so the second time). I also managed to do the whole Montebello Blvd hill climb on two wheels, though I did stop three times to get my heart rate and respirations down below cardiac-and-respiratory-arrest levels, but even then the stops weren't even a minute in duration each time. Lots of encouraging words, too, from other riders as they were passing me. I also passed a walker who was wearing a Surf City Marathon shirt, so of course I had to call out to her that I'd been there too! And then during the post-ride lunch I sat with another woman who'd been there (she wasn't wearing the shirt; it came out in conversation). The route covered a lot of territory I wouldn't ordinarily ride in (Bell Gardens is not Beverly Hills!), so there were a lot a things to see as I rode, not the least of which was the natural area near the Whittier Narrows Dam. Lots of squirrels and birds, including some buzzards, as well as the usual herons, assorted ducks, geese and other waterfowl, seagulls (the large winged rats) and pigeons (the small winged rats). The weather also held quite nicely, though I couldn't seem to find a happy medium between wearing and not-wearing the windbreaker. And silly me, I never once stopped to take a picture of Radagast the Beige-and-Black (aka Duckbike) on the trail. Maybe I thought that if I stopped I'd never start again! All in all, I had a good time and I'll likely do it again next year. ETA: It took me about 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete the course, including a potty stop around the 7-mile point and then a snack stop at Wilderness Park along the San Gabriel River Trail in the vicinity of the 20-mile point.

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