2008, Week Thirteen Review

And I'm wondering if I should just wait until tomorrow and do the week and the month. But then it'd probably take all week to get the post done, so I'll do the weekly, then try to get the monthly done early this week.
Monday March 24: A good start to the week. Home treadmill for 1.21 miles; morning bike ride for 8.41 miles; then the full Cybex circuit at the Y on the way home from work.
Tuesday March 25: Home treadmill for 1.21 miles; morning bike ride for a paltry (for me) 6.72 miles. Don't recall now why I didn't stop by the gym on the way home.
Wednesday March 26: A bit of morning laziness today, with only 0.86 mile on the home treadmill; morning bike ride of 8.72 miles; and instead of the gym I stopped at one of the parks where I start my morning ride and did a bit of walking around the track. But I included the mileage in Thursday morning's mileage.
Thursday March 27: Including last night's park walk, the walk mileage is 1.7 miles (each walk was about half that distance); morning bike ride for 9.45 miles. I'd planned to stop at the park again, trying to get some more non-treadmill walking done before the Coaster Run on 13 April, but as the day went on I got progressively achy-er—a generalized muscular achiness—and while I thought my face felt kinda feverish, I was cold and couldn't seem to get warm. So I came home, took a couple Advil, reset the alarm for an hour later, and went to bed early.
Friday March 28: Felt better for the extra sleep, but not enough better for the morning bike ride. And since this is late-at-work night, no chance to stop at the gym, even if the generalized achiness hadn't lingered.
Saturday March 29: Feeling much, much better, but never did make time for a ride. Stopped at the LNS during my errands (started with oil change and tire rotation and concluded eventually with a Trader Joe's visit) and ended up staying about 3 hours, just socializing. Met SCSarah from the XS boards and Melissa and my friend Nancy also wandered in, as well as a stitcher I know from the old AOL boards.
Sunday March 30: Went for distance this morning on the home treadmill and did a whole 5K. Good thing this was just a training walk and not for the Shave, because this 5K was fully bearded!! 3.11 miles including warm up and cool down times, and a more or less leisurely 82 minutes. A few more errands today, including a stop at the place I'd like to call Snub-Clydes Central, but for once I was actually greeted before I was 10 feet into the store! Got my sit bones measured (and doesn't it just figure that I'm between sizes!) and left the store with yet another new saddle, this one narrower overall and with a longer nose (and comparably shorter sit part). I did eventually get over to SART for a ride and stupidly chose to ride north instead of south. Should have ridden into the wind on the outbound portion and with a tailwind home instead of the other way 'round. There's rain predicted for later this week and the wind was cold, like it was trying to move an Arctic Express in for the week, and coming straight up the riverbed with no respect at all for compass direction, so with the later than normal start for the ride, I didn't ride as far as I usually would on a Sunday. But I also discovered a couple of different SART access points with parking very close by which would not only be closer to home but would also give me more distance for my weekend rides. One is on Lincoln and is a dirt area just outside the access to the SART, right next to R J Noble's Orange quarry at the end of Glassell. The other is a little farther up the river, on Riverdale at the end of Orange-Olive Rd in Orange. Since I'd like to increase my weekend mileage without having to ride through all the loony pedestrians, weekend cycle-renters, skaters, skateboarders, surfers, and other assorted beach hanger-outers between the end of SART and the pier, these two entry points are looking pretty good. They have the added advantage of not being with walking distance of the stadium, so I wouldn't have to worry about my van being impounded because someone thought I was trying to beat out paying for parking for a ball game. A paltry-for-me 16.15 miles.
Mileage for the week: 57.54
Distance from Bag End: 1481.58 miles.
Distance from Rauros: 172.58 miles.
Distance to Isengard: 311.42 miles.

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