2008, Week Six Review

Not a great week, but not as bad as it might have been.
Monday, February 4: A bit sluggish today, recovering from the soggy 5K, so only some Cybex machines on the way home from work.
Tuesday, February 5: A bit less sluggish today, but still not terribly active. A full round of all the Cybex machines on the way home from work.
Wednesday, February 6: Finally starting to move around some! Home treadmill for a pretty paltry 0.6 mile; a morning bike ride for 3.3 miles, and the elliptical at the Y for 2.98 miles.
Thursday, February 7: a bit longer jaunt on the home treadmill for 0.83 mile, then a bike ride for 7.02, and a full set of Cybex machines on the way home.
Friday, February 8: I fully intended to go for some bike rides over the weekend, so I made this a rest day.
Saturday, February 9: Drove up to Yorba Regional Park, hopped on the SART (Santa Ana River Trail), and rode all the way down to Chapman Av in Orange, for 22.03 miles. That pushed me to just over 1,000 miles from Bag End. I updated my shields over at the Eowyn Challenge site.
Sunday, February 10: Yesterday on the way back to YRP from the Chapman Av turnaround point, I stopped at a rest area on the SART that's alongside the Ponda (the Honda-sponsored facility that used to be known as the Arrowhead Pond, home of the Anaheim Ducks hockey team), I met a poster (and his cycling wife) from BikeForums.net, who told me about a couple of other entry points to the SART with good parking, so today I parked over by the local fire-training facility (south of Anaheim Stadium, just off of Orangewood) and rode all the way down to Pacific Coast Hwy in Huntington Beach. That ride was 25.59 miles. My girlybits are okay, but my sitbones, which still haven't recovered from yesterday's ride, hurt like hell!! If next weekend is as gorgeous as this weekend was, I'm going to wear my bike shorts! May wear 'em anyway, and wear my track pants over 'em.

Total mileage for the week: 62.35
Total distance from Bag End: 1,026.88 Still drifting down the Anduin River on the way to Rauros.

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