2008, Week Seven Review

Aack!! Another crappy one!
Monday, February 11: A lazy day, "justified" with the excuse that I'd spent so much time riding over the previous two days.
Tuesday, February 12: The home treadmill for 0.72 mile; the morning bike ride for 6.63 miles; and the whole Cybex circuit at the Y after work, including adding one more machine.
Wednesday, February 13: The home treadmill for 0.91 mile; the morning bike ride for 7.19 miles; delayed at work until it was too late to stop at the Y.
Thursday, February 14: No treadmill time, but a late start at work that allowed me a 10.34 mile bike ride. Had to close the office, so again no chance to stop at the Y after work.
Friday, February 15: Let myself sleep late after the late stay at the office the night before, so just the morning bike ride for 6.68 miles. And, of course, it's Friday, so no chance at all of hitting the Y on the way home.
Saturday, February 16: Ran errands all day and never even got a bike ride!
Sunday, February 17: Had to work today, didn't get on the treadmill, and didn't go to the Y because I had to be at the office before the Y opens on Sundays. Did get a nice bike ride in, though, on the San Gabriel River Trail from Liberty Park in Cerritos down to Alamitos Bay (Long Beach) and back again, for 20.32 miles.

My bike shorts and shirt arrived on Thursday, so I wore them today on my ride. My sitbones still hurt! I need to find out if the local Trek dealer has one of those sitbone measuring devices; maybe I need a different saddle. It's the tip of the tailbone, I think. I also ordered a jacket.

Happy birthday, Melissa!!!

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Karin said...

It sounds like it was a busy week for you, even if it didn't include as much exercise as you would like.