2008, Week Five Review

Monday, January 28: Treadmill at home, 0.93 mile; elliptical at the Y, 1.47 miles; plus some Cybex machines.
Tuesday, January 29: morning bike ride, 5.49 miles; treadmill at the Y, 2.96 miles.
Wednesday, January 30: morning bike ride, 6.22 miles; treadmill at the Y, 2.65 miles.
Thursday, January 31: morning bike ride, 6.23 miles; elliptical at the Y, 2.73 miles.
Friday, February 1: day of rest.
Saturday, February 2: afternoon bike ride at the beach, 2.89 miles.
Sunday, February 3: My first-ever 5K, plus a hike from the shuttle stop to the starting line and a hike from the finish line to the shuttle stop, 4.3 miles.

Total mileage for the week: 37.87.
Current mileage from Bag End: 971.41

I can't thank Melissa enough for her support before, during, and after the 5K! Particularly in the midst of her grief. And all the rest who've offered congratulations and kind words!!

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