2008, Week Thirty-Five

Monday, August 25: Home treadmill for 1.277 miles; morning bike ride for 8.32 miles; no after-work stop at the Y.
Tuesday, August 26: Became a rest day, although right now I don’t remember why.
Wednesday, August 27: Home treadmill for 1.345 miles; morning bike ride for 8.03 miles; after-work stop at the Y for an upper-body workout (plus, of course, the two hip machines).
Thursday, August 28: Home treadmill for 1.607 miles; morning bike ride for 6.54 miles; no after-work stop at the Y.
Friday, August 29: Home treadmill for 1.471 miles; morning bike ride for 7.86 miles; no after-work stop at the Y, which is normal for Friday.
Saturday, August 30: Home treadmill for 3.251 miles; no bike ride; no stop at the Y.
Sunday, August 31: No walk because I straightened out a book case in hopes of finding two of my Harry Potter books; bike ride for 23.00 miles; no stop at the Y, though I’d planned to, until my BFFs called mid-ride to tell me that our favorite English tea house was open today, so we met for afternoon tea, and the Y closes at 5 on Sunday. Which means I won’t get to the gym before Tuesday because of the Monday holiday, so no weigh-in yet for August.

Total distance for the week: 62.701
Distance from Bag End: 3178.490
Distance to Minas Tirith: 272.51

August Accomplishments:
I exceeded July’s mileage on the treadmill (43.165 for August v 35.045 for July), and squeaked past July’s mileage on the elliptical by a few hundredths (August 11.41; July 11.37). But I was down by one strength-training session from July. And, of course, the cycling mileage is down (256.92 in August v 315.35 in July) from July because it really is unreasonable to think I could increase my mileage when I have less time to ride! It’d take a lot of riding on weekends to make up the difference.

September Goals:
Increase the treadmill and elliptical mileages. Increase the number of strength-training sessions. At least meet August’s cycling mileage. The NCIS FanFest is this month, so I don't think I'll get much riding done between the 17th and the 21st, but the venue does have a gym.

High point of the week: One of my BikeForums.net cycling buds, Mr Beanz, PMed me to tell me that when he and his DW Gina saw me last week on SART, he hadn't been completely certain it was me and wanted to know if I'd lost some weight. Thank you, Fred; I needed that!!!!!.

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