2008, Week Sixteen

A big sluggish this week, I think.
Monday April 14: No home treadmill time at all; then I had to make a stop before work and that cut into my bike riding time, so only 3.51 miles; and then I failed to go to the Y on the way home.
Tuesday April 15: Again no home treadmill time at all; but a good bike ride, for 11.22 miles; but again no stop at the Y after work.
Wednesday April 16: Skipped the home treadmill again! And a shortened bike ride because I decided to go ahead and put the final stitches into a project before leaving for work, so only 8.3 miles on the bike; but I did at least partially make up for it all by actually making it to the Y and doing a full set of strength training on the Cybex machines!
Thursday April 17: Again skipped the home treadmill--what is it with that snooze alarm this week? Bike ride for 11.45 miles; and another stop at the Y on the way home, this time to spend 45 minutes on the elliptical, for 3.08 miles.
Friday April 18: Yet another day off the home treadmill; but the morning bike ride was for 11.44 miles; and no stop at the Y because it's Friday and I can't get away from the office early enough to get there.
Saturday April 19: The usual Saturday morning breakfast with my BFFs led to me going to their house to watch the Caps game, so this day became a rest day.
Sunday April 20: Again too lazy to get on the treadmill, but I did take a nice bike ride today down the Santa Ana River Trail, though I didn't get all the way to the beach. 22.97 miles.

Total mileage for the week: 71.97.
Distance from Bag End: 1707.29
Distance to Isengard: 85.71.

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