I'm Think...

…I'm ready. Picked up my packet and goodie bag (one of those nice reuseable bags like they sell at grocery stores, instead of the wasteful plastic things we got at Surf City*) at the mall today. Got the bib pinned to the shirt. Pants are hemmed up, so I won't be tripping over too-long pants. Alarm is set for plenty of time to get up, get dressed, and have a bit of breakfast (a granola bar and a glass of milk, and maybe a banana if I remember to buy one while I'm out later today). Still need to put a fresher (as in "nearer to fully charged") battery in the MP3 player. The tee-shirt is a regular cotton tee, not a tech shirt, but a nice one nonetheless. The only "exercise" I've had today is walking from the van into the mall for the packet pickup and back to the van and an errand to the local Orange Despot store. No exercise/workout/training type walking since Thursday night after work. Not even a bike ride today!

*which I'll admit came in handy for bagging up wet clothes!

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Melissa said...

WOO HOO! I'm looking forward to our little jaunt tomorrow. :-)