Easing Back In

Felt well enough last night to stop at the Y for a 45-minute bike ride to nowhere. More of the same tonight, probably. Or maybe a walk. Not quite feeling up to a full cardio workout or full cardio and weight circuit workout, but getting there.

Congratulations to Melissa on her new bike!! That model's the next step up from the one I'm looking at, the Sedona! Melissa's has the narrower road tires, whereas the Sedona has the wider comfort tires.

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Melissa said...

Thanks, Darla! I'm not sure where you're looking, but I found the guys at Fullerton Bicycle Company to be extremely helpful. I actually picked up my bike at their Buena Park store on Beach Blvd though. They didn't have the Cypress model in the women's small size at the Fullerton store. I really preferred the staff at the Fullerton store though. They seemed far more knowledgeable and helpful, IMO.