2008, Week Two Review

Oh, but this was a sucky week! What is it about putting your vehicle in the shop that is so damned dispiriting? Especially when it turns out to be expensive. Shouldn't I have been at the gym getting it all out?
Monday January 7: Started off the week well with morning and evening stops at the gym, 2.27 miles on the elliptical and then the Cybex machine circuit.
Tuesday January 8: Zip, zilch, nada.
Wednesday January 9: Zip, zilch, nada.
Thursday January 10: A single pathetic stop at the gym, 1.82 miles on the elliptical. Admittedly, I did punish myself in the little time I had that night at there—5 minute warmup at Level 3; 5 minutes in Reverse at Level 3; forward again for 5 minutes at Level 3; 5 minutes at Level 5; 5 minutes at Level 7; 5 minutes Cooldown.
Friday January 11: Zip, zilch, nada. And for no good reason. Not even a bike ride before work, which makes it even more disgusting.
Saturday January 12: Why on earth do I need a "rest day" for such a pissy-assed slothful week? Well, okay, I did give myself 0.10 mile of walking credit for all the errands I ran.
Sunday January 13: didn't go to the gym, but I did cruise over to Yorba Regional Park in East Anaheim/Yorba Linda and rode for 20.03 miles. Beautiful little park with lots and lots of bike/walking trails, a no-bikes 5K trail (no, I didn't take advantage of this, though goodness knows, I should have!), and multiple access points to the Santa Ana River Trail. I even ventured out onto that for a short distance. I really should have gotten the regular bike shorts instead of the baggy bike shorts; it's still a bit chill out for riding in shorts, even on such a gorgeous day as today was, and the regular bike shorts could be worn under something else without looking pretty damned silly.
Totals for the week: 5.09 on the elliptical; 0.10 walking; 0 on the stationary bikes; and 20.03 on the road bike. Overall, 25.22 miles.
Currently 867.30 miles from Bag End and 409.30 miles from Rivendell. We've left the Mines of Moria and entered the woods of Lothlorien.

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