2008, Week Four Review

Coulda been a better week.
Monday, January 21: Started the day with a 6.29 mile bike ride (which turned out to be the last until Sunday!), and finished with 1.38 on the elliptical at the Y.
Tuesday, January 22: a short walk on the treadmill at home, for a puny little 0.63 mile; and since it was my birthday, I decided I could take the night off.
Wednesday, January 23: A walk on the home treadmill for 1.10 miles, and the Cybex machines at the gym.
Thursday, January 24: my morning treadmill time got interrupted, so only a pathetic 0.08 mile; on the elliptical at the gym, I managed 1.38 miles.
Friday, January 25: just the morning walk today because I had to be at work early, and stayed late as is usual on Fridays, so only 0.71 mile.
Saturday, January 26: if I'd known the rain was going to hold off until late afternoon, I'd have gone for a ride. But since Saturday is usually my day off from workouts, all I can come up with is the 0.10 mile walk a friend and I took from where I parked at the Olive Garden where we went to celebrate my (last Tuesday) birthday to a credit union ATM and then back to the restaurant.
Sunday, January 27: Since this is the last long-walk day before next Sunday's Surf City 5K (with Melissa), I hit the home treadmill first thing for 2.41 miles. Then I left a bit early for the Sunday gym visit and managed to squeeze in 3.04 miles on the bike before the rain got too bad. And at the gym I tortured myself on the elliptical for my first really long workout on an elliptical in a long time, for 2.88 miles. And the Cybex machines after that.

The Friday morning treadmill time got me to Lothlorien, and now I'm on my way to Rauros.
Total mileage for the week: 20.0

This week I really need to focus on walking, in preparation for the 5K.

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