2008, Week Three Review

A mediocre week, I think. At least in terms of getting to the gym.
Monday, January 14: Home treadmill before work, 0.55 mile; bike ride before work, 5.62 miles. Upper body Cybex routine at the gym.
Tuesday, January 15: Home treadmill before work, 0.83 mile; bike ride before work, 5.45 miles; elliptical at the gym, 1.53 miles. Lower body Cybex routine at the gym.
Wednesday, January 16: elliptical at the Y, .99 mile. Upper body Cybex routine at the gym.
Thursday, January 17: Home treadmill before work, 1.0 mile. Skipped gym because I was late getting away from work.
Friday, January 18: Took a vacation day from work to attend a quilt show in Ontario. 0.5 mile general walking around.
Saturday, January 19: Normally my rest day, but this is the day Melissa, Nancy (from our LNS' classes), and I had our own little GTG to make up for the cancellation of the LNS' Stitch Inn, and we met for brunch, visited the LNS (and many, many thanks to Melissa, Terri, and Nancy for the GCs!!), stitched, gabbed, taught Melissa how to ride her bike, and stitched and gabbed some more. I find it hard to believe that I managed 3.19 miles cruising around that grade school, but that's what the odometer said!
Sunday, January 20: If I'm going to go to the gym and go for bike rides on Sundays, I really need to get started early. Never did get to the gym, but I did use Liberty Park in Cerritos to access the San Gabriel River Bike Trail and rode from between Del Amo and South St all the way to Whittier Blvd, a distance of a bit over 10 miles. Round trip totalled 21.68 miles. My girly-bits are okay, but my sit-bone is still tender.
Total miles for the week: 41.34.
Distance from Bag End, Hobbiton, The Shire, Middle Earth: 916.33
It's a little less than 4 more miles to Lothlorien.

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