2008, Week One Review

As I said in my earlier post, the weather's just too nasty for a real bike ride, so I did all my work today at the Y.
Monday, December 31: 0.61 on the home treadmill.
Tuesday, January 1: enough wandering around that I generously credited myself with 0.10.
Wednesday, January 2: 0.90 on the home treadmill; 1.13 on the elliptical at the Y; and an outside bike ride of 5.05.
Thursday, January 3: 0.93 on the home treadmill; 2.38 on the elliptical; and an outside bike ride of 5.35.
Friday, January 4: 1.07 on the home treadmill.
Saturday, January 5: day of rest.
Sunday, January 6: 3.2 on the Y treadmill; 7.29 pm the indoor bike.
Total mileage for the week: 28.01
The treadmill at the Y today seemed to think that a 60-minute walk was enough, so it threw me into Cooldown before I completed my 5K. I tolerated 1 minute of 2.5mph cooldown, stopped the treadmill, wrote down my mileage so far, then restarted at 3.0mph to complete the last .24 mile of the 5K. Then I let it do a cooldown. Anyway, warm-up and unintentional cooldown included, my 5K took 66 minutes. My own fault I'm not doing better than that, as for the last two Sundays I've opted for long bike rides rather than hitting the gym (or, better, doing both).
I can't get to the Walk to Rivendell site to update my shields, but I am now 86 miles away from Lothlorien.
ETA: I finally managed to get in. I've updated my shields and checked my location: I'm in the Mines of Moria, near Balin's Tomb. Sometime in the next few miles, we'll lose Gandalf to the Balrog.

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Bradley & Lisa said...

Well, it just dawned on me that you have a blog, but I'm excited for you!! Good luck in your journey. Tell Grandma hi for me. I think about her a lot, but I never think about CALLING except at 3 a.m. :)