A Week? Already?

Wow! Can't believe it's been so long since the last update.
Friday (11-9) was the usual cardio and weight training, continuing the "new" routine (which is now not so new). 2.92 miles.
Saturday (11-10) was my day of rest. Spent it at the LNS at the all-day Open Stitch Class, and Melissa and I walked the 1/3 or so of a mile to the restaurant and back during our lunch break. So I generously gave myself a half-mile of walking credit for the day. Not that shabby for a "day of rest."
Sunday I ended up not making it to the gym because friends invited me to lunch, then I went to run an errand and ended up having to visit two other stores to get what I needed. By then, it was too late to get to the Y. The main disadvantage to using the Y is the limited hours when you compare it with places like 24-Hour Fitness and Bally's. No walking credit for shopping.
Monday was pretty much a repeat of Friday, but with only 2.91 miles.
Tuesday (11-13) I got "lazy" and went for an hour-long bike ride to nowhere. 25 minutes at Level 7, 15 at Level 9, 5 at Level 10, 5 at Level 9, 5 at Level 7, and a 5-minute cooldown. 11.94 miles.
On Wednesday the battery in the MP3 player died and I discovered that rechargeable batteries have to be charged before use. 2.82 miles on the elliptical with the "new" routine and then the weight circuit.
Thursday I got to the gym and realized I'd forgotten to charge the batteries, so I went over to the CVS just up the block a bit and purchased a pack of batteries. Returned to the gym, got changed and ready to get to work, and found out the batteries had passed their freshness date. So it was a lonely journey, with just the machines to listen to. The same old "new" routine on the elliptical, for 2.99 miles, and then went for a walk to nowhere for the rest of the time available to me, for an additional 1.21 miles.
Total mileage from Bag End: 618.11
Mileage from Rivendell: 160.49
Current number of Shields: 24
This Saturday I meet with my trainer again, for the final week of my 12-week fitness program (and it's only taking 14!). Not sure when I get my completion certificate, or if this will be the meeting in which we establish my on-going fitness plan. After this the meetings will be quarterly. And yes, the rechargeable batteries are charging.

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