Day One...

…of the new program was today. Met with Terry yesterday (Saturday) and was congratulated profusely not only by Terry but by anyone within hearing range. Don't know yet what kind(s) of congratulatory goodies are involved beyond the certificate of completion. Terry said this was her first finish in this particular Y.

The last day of the 12-Week Fitness Program was spent on the elliptical and the weight machines. I managed 2.75 miles Friday, and moved the level up one step. So, same old program for the elliptical, but at Level 3 and Level 6 instead of Level 2 and Level 5. Still only spending 5 minutes in reverse, but my speed is definitely increasing. Not as fast as forward, but better than it was.

Today I spent an hour on a bike ride to nowhere for 12.64 miles. Twenty minutes at Level 7, 5 at Level 10, 5 at Level 7, 5 at Level 10, 5 at Level 7, 15 at Level 9, and finally a 5-minute cooldown. Then an hour on the treadmill, bouncing back and forth between 2.5 and 3.0 mph, all at Incline 3.

Monday I start work 3 hours earlier, so I'll be getting up 3 hours earlier and hitting the Y three hours earlier. The cool thing about this shift is being able to stop at the Y on the way home, too. At least some nights. I'm sure not going to count on using the after-work time for my main workout; it'll just be used for extra time, like maybe getting back on the treadmill on a more regular basis. Even if I leave the office right at 8pm, by the time I get to the Y there's only about an hour left before they close.

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