Fair Start…

…to the week. Could have been better, but then I'd still be dealing with electrical-system issues in my van if I hadn't taken Monday off from the gym to get that taken care of. Today I decided to vary my elliptical routine a bit and after 10 minutes at Level 2 going forward, 5 minutes at Level 2 going backward, then 5 minutes at Level 2 going forward again, I spent the next 5 minutes at Level 5, then 5 minutes back down at Level 2, then the final 5 minutes before Cooldown at Level 5. On the bike today, I spent 25 minutes at Level 7, then the final 5 minutes before Cooldown at Level 9. Tomorrow is weight circuit day. Have I mentioned how glad I am to have the van's assorted issues resolved and to be back at the gym?

Because of the van issues last week and because I'll be spending Saturday at the LNS at the all-day stitch class, I've scheduled my last meeting with Terry for the 17th of this month. Then there's one more week of the 12-week program left to do. And it's only going to take 14 weeks to get done! I'll get a certificate of completion and then set up a new fitness program that will have me meeting with a trainer every three months.

And it's because of the van issues that I'm having to put a hold on my bike acquisition. October was an expensive month, and the registration's due in December. At least I don't have to smog it this year! Although it'd certainly pass quite handily this time around.

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