I'm a Loser!!

Okay, so I don't recall exactly what the scale's ugly and depressing figure was last month, nor whether I weighed myself with or without my shoes, so I don't know how much the actual loss was. But it was somewhere between 7 and 10 pounds. And considering that I missed 4 days at the gym last week because of transportation issues, I think that's pretty darned good! For the record, it was shoes-off this time.
Finals for October:
14.85 miles walked on treadmills
121.11 miles on ellipticals and stationary bikes
135.96 total miles
555.95 cumulative miles from Bag End by way of Rivendell
As for today, I arrived a bit later than I'd originally planned, so again no time in the pool or spa. And again went for just stationary bike and treadmill. An hour on the bike, with 50 minutes at Level 7, 5 at Level 9, and the 5-minute cooldown at both Level 2 (2 minutes) and Level 1 (3 minutes). A full hour on the treadmill, too, with a bit over 8 minutes at 2.6 mph, about 44 minutes at 2.8 mph, and a hair over 7 minutes at 3.0 mph. And like last week, I opted not to take the whole 5-minute cooldown because the last couple of minutes are less than 1 mph. All but the cooldown period was at an Incline of 2.0.

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