Has it really been so long since my last post?

I keep telling myself I'll write a catch-up post, but then never seem to get it done. Nice bike ride, today, though! And I actually made it to the gym on Friday after work. But I have just been incredibly lazy lately, smacking the snooze alarm instead of getting out of bed. What is it about late winter/early spring that seems to bring on the lazies? I still haven't figured out how far I walked on the ship during the cruise, even though I wore a pedometer and kept track of my distance. Even managed to get up to the gym on the ship one morning for some time on the elliptical. I haven't a clue where I am on the Walk to Rivendell right now. I registered for the Coaster Run this year, and even though I picked up my goodie bag, I chose not to do the walk. Did go for a nice ride that day, though; does that count? I also managed to do the 15-mile version of the Tour de Sewer this year. Did the short one because I somehow managed to have two events that day--the TdS and a stitch class at my LNS. It turned out to be a good thing that I only did the 15-mile ride, since I ended up with rear-wheel problems when the new spokes on the new wheel that I had to have put on Orion loosened up and made the bike unsafe to ride. I'm still considering registering for the City of Angels ride later this month, and have already registered for this year's LA River Ride. Pics from today's ride are still in the camera, but there are pics from past rides over there <--- in the Slideshow.

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Anonymous said...

I've been a lazy git lately too :)