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I know it's been a long time between posts. Just not a lot to talk about here lately. Periods of conscientious exercising mixed with (too many and too often!!) periods of laziness.

Yesterday's bike ride was really shorter than usual because the BFFs got up much earlier than they normally do, so I was only about 15 minutes into my ride when the phone rang and it was them, telling me they were ready for our breakfast date. Anyway, after breakfast I headed over to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana to see the new Science of Hockey exhibit. Well, I was in the wrong lane on the freeway, couldn't get over, and found myself trying to find the back way into the facility. Ended up in Santa Ana's "Floral Park" neighborhood, which I'd heard of but had never seen. Omigawd, it's gorgeous! Can you say "house envy"?

So today when I headed out for my Sunday Long Ride, I parked over by the stadium, as usual, and headed over into that area. And spent nearly an hour roaming the streets of Floral Park, and still haven't seen anywhere near all of it. I did see enough to know that if the lottery gawds ever smiled upon me, that's where I'd buy a house in Orange County!! Then I wandered back over toward the DSC, because I'd seen a bike trail yesterday and wanted to know where it goes.

It—Santiago Creek Trail—goes to just a teensy bit past Tustin Av, just north of the 22 freeway. So I wandered down Tustin Av to 4th St, headed east on 4th until it turns into Irvine Blvd and stayed on Irvine Blvd until I reached Tustin Market Place (I know this is meaningless to some of my readers, but the local ones will have an idea where I was), then onto Peterson Canyon Trail (after stopping at Performance Bike Shop's store at TMP to have the tire inflation checked, then going over to the formerly Chick's now Dick's Sporting Goods [yes, Melissa, the one where we picked up the packets for Make Room for Santa] to stock up on Body Glide, which Performance didn't have in stock), and on down to Jamboree Rd/Dyer Rd. From there, I wandered over toward the Tustin Legacy shopping center, near the old Tustin Air Base (two separate links there), and gradually wandered back over to SART and to where I'd parked. 42.9 miles of wandering, many of them places I'd never seen. And I still didn't find the trails that part of the Make Room for Santa 5K was on!

A note on the SCT link above: the trail's western terminus is at I-5 and Broadway on the Bikely.com map I linked to.

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Sounds like a great ride! :)