Surf City 5K

And yes, I was wearing my Columbia Memorial pin (which looks just like the second patch down on the left in the link). If I'd had more time, I might have basted the patch to my pants leg. 2454 out of 2508 in the 5K; 1584 out of 1621 women in the 5K; 1:04:01 chip time.

This event was actually worse than last year's, even taking into account last year's sideways rain. Our gorgeous Santa Ana conditions turned into morning low clouds and fog, which brought the temps down quite a bit until the marine layer started burning off. Short-sleeved shirt, shorts, my cycling tights, my cycling windbreaker (which quickly became too much). Horrendous traffic, which led to me being so late that my gun time was nearly 1.5 hours! I really do wish I'd ridden my bike from the parking to the starting line area; all told, I walked nearly 5 miles today, with 3.1 of that being the event itself. So I walked the whole thing, rather than trying any of that faster-than-a-walk-slower-than-a-jog motion that Melissa (I missed you, gf!!) calls a wog. And have you ever tried walking on a center divider? Those concrete imitation bricks are dangerous! But I had to try to stay out of the way of the half-marathoners, who started about 10 minutes after I crossed the start line for the 5K. As far as I can tell, the shuttle stops depicted on the website were purely fictional.

I had one other friend participating in this event, Cindi from our Local Needlework Shop.

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Melissa M. said...

Wow, sure hard to imagine anything could be worse than those conditions we had last year! LOL I really missed being out there with you guys, too. :-( It took everything I had in me to stay home this morning even though I knew it was the right decision.